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Breakfasts for Bellringers

by Bellringers of Belfry of Mellor Church
(Paperback, limp bind)


Every Sunday morning ‘Old Paddy’ is rung to call the people of Mellor to the morning service.

This tradition dates back to at least 1615 when three bells were cast by Henry Olfield of Nottingham.
In 9125 it wss reported that the bells were not only unsafe but dangerous, so the church wardens asked Taylors of Loughborough to melt down the bells and to re-cast as one 15cwt bell, now known as Old Paddy.
Unknown to most members of the congregation, after exerting much energy ringing, the bellringers enjoy a hearty breakfast washed down with ‘Bellringers’ soup” a famous drink made from a recipe as old as the hills.

Enjoy some of the bellringers favourite breakfasts.

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