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by Somerset RDA Carriage Driving Group
(Paperback, limp bind)


This is a book of stories and reflections from a wonderful group of people on the Somerset Levels in England.

They have come together to provide, share and experience the pleasure of driving ponies and carriages with disabled people.
The motives for the volunteers range from a love for ponies to the personal value of supporting people less able than themselves to experience the pleasure of carriage driving.
Many of the clients are disabled because they have suffered a horse or pony accident which means that they can no longer ride.
Some of the stories are very moving; the Group has given the story tellers a purpose in life for example, through experiencing the open air from a carriage once a week, a wonderful escape from the limitations of life in a wheelchair or other disability.

All profits support the work of The Somerset Levels RDA Carriage Driving Group

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